Friday, April 17, 2009

Why I Love Home Depot...

Alright, my extended vacation on another blog is over and I'm ready to come back to blogger. (I will still continue to post about living in the rhythms of the Christian seasons and faith formation on the StoryFormed blog though. Stop by every once and a while...)

So I entitled this entry "Why I Love Home Depot" and the responses to this could be unending. I love the exhilaration of walking through the door and thinking about all the things I could do to my house! I love the paint section - especially all the color sample cards. My children love this section too and I have tons of the color cards in my purse to prove it!

I love the garden center - especially when they build a fountain or two and have a cool bench to sit on. I think I could bring a good book and my lunch there someday and be sooooo happy. I also love looking at all the kitchen cabinets and sinks that I could buy when I win the lottery. But today, I have to say "I Love Home Depot" because they taught my husband his flooring techniques.(example above of those great flooring skills!!!)

You may know that David once worked at Home the flooring department, by the way. And you may also know that we are in the middle of remodeling our master bathroom. It was kind of my idea, but I love that my husband likes to take my ideas and "make it so" (for you Star Trek fans!)
(above, you can see the original wall paper. why was wallpaper ever popular??)

So he is upstairs right now laying down the flooring in our bathroom and it looks amazing!! Had I been put in charge of it, well....let's just say there would have been a lot of tears and some tiles flung into the wall. We would be walking on the underlying particle board for the rest of our lives!

However, thanks to Home Depot (and A LOT of puzzle games while he was growing up), David is quite the proficient floor guy! And are we glad or what?? We are living proof of the Home Depot slogan (as Luc says it), "you can do...we can do it"!!!

(David laughing at me for even photographing this. It may be because it is late or perhaps because I painted in a very small enclosed room for a good portion of the afternoon...)

Friday, February 27, 2009

A Little Detour

For anyone who follows this blog, most of my writing for the next 40 something days (during the season of Lent) will be found HERE

Join me, if you like. There should also be a link to the right called StoryFormed.


Thursday, February 19, 2009


I believe it is called dramatic irony. You know, in literature when the weather seems to mimic the moods or intentions of the characters and/or plot line. I have felt this often this winter season - the environment around me seems to be screaming lessons into my heart and life.

I am beginning to feel better; recovering from my "off-ness" with a lovely upped dosage of thyroid medication. It is amazing that this little tiny gland in our bodies can affect so much. Reminds me of Paul's writing about the "lesser parts" of the body. Ahhh...but that is for a different day!

Today, I am feeling hopeful! As I walk and drive around our area right now, it looks like we are in the dead of winter. From a distance, branches on the trees are bare. Their scrawny arms outstretched, pleading for sunshine and warm weather.

However, on closer examination, there are small bumps forming along the twigs and at their tips. Small formations that are a slightly different color from the branch are beginning to appear. Buds are forming and new life is conquering this winter deadness.

This brings me hope. I look forward to the bursts of color that these buds hold now only in promise. I look forward to the new movements of God churning in me and how they will burst forth. Yes...I love new growth....I love buds....because they make me hopeful!